Up in the clouds, in the middle of stars, new moon nights, sunrises.
You are everywhere.
Dust that I breathe, my hair dancing with the wind, trees trying to reach heaven.
YOU are everywhere.

Thinking, eating, being.
Everywhere, anywhere… You.
Swimming, fucking, staring.
You: Water, You: Orgasm, You: View.

The Universe we try to study,
resulting in science we pretend to understand.
It’s any religion we look up to…
You: The Planets. You: The Experiments. You: Truth.

Our bodies, caskets made of tiny bodies, too.
Our brains, gathering of higher brains inside of You.
You: the Atoms. You: the Galaxies. You: Timeless.

A murderer, a Saint, a lady and his medieval knight.
A deer, a weeping willow, fog in the middle of the night!
You, Yourself and Everything Else.
Everywhere. Anywhere. You.

A can of Pepsi Cola, every politician you despise.
A poor man begging for money, the drug he craves.
The cure for a mortal sickness, virus itself.
Everything. Anything. You

The road not taken, the minds who invented;
sounds, words, smells, feelings: You.
Crying babies, lost hopes, tears that fall in pieces of paper.
Ink that comes out of this red pen; color red, green, blue.
It is You, you, You


Sobre el autor

Kathya Rosas

"No hay más realidad que la que tenemos dentro. Por eso la mayoría de los seres humanos vive tan irrealmente, porque cree que las imágenes exteriores son la realidad y no permiten a su propio mundo interior manifestarse. Se puede ser muy feliz así, desde luego. Pero cuando se conoce lo otro, ya no se puede elegir el camino de la mayoría. El camino de la mayoría es fácil, el nuestro, difícil. Caminemos.", H.H.


Por Kathya Rosas